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New Photovoltaic Purchase Tariff

New Photovoltaic Purchase Tariff

26 avril 2017

New Photovoltaic Purchase Tariff

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As a producer of photovoltaic energy, you have the right to sell the solar electricity you produce to EDF, at a fixed purchase price for 20 years. See below the current photovoltaic purchase price, applicable for the fourth quarter (October – December) 2016.
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The current photovoltaic purchase price (October – December 2016)

Building Integration

  • Installations from 0 to 9 kWp: The purchase price is 23,9 cts €/kWh (24.27 cts € / kWh the previous quarter)

Simplified Integration .

  • Installations from 0 to 36 kWp: the purchase price is12,4 cts €/kWh (12.74 cts € / kWh the previous quarter)
  • Between 36 and 100 kWp: the purchase price is 11,8 cts €/kWh (12,12 cts €/kWh The previous quarter)

To note :
The purchase price changes on a quarterly basis, changing every 1 st of January, April, July and October. But beware, it is announced only three to four weeks after. However, it is applicable retroactively, that is to say that during these few weeks of doubt, this new tariff will be in force even if it is not yet known.
However, do not worry: if you make a commitment during this period and the purchase price has dropped dramatically, you can always retract.

How to block its photovoltaic purchase rate?

In order to block your purchase price for your solar project, you must make a connection request with ERDF.
Generally, your installer will do it for you.
Once your rate is blocked for your installation, it will not budge for 20 years.
We advise you to block it as soon as possible in order to benefit from the best possible rate.

Consuming or selling electricity?

Is it better to autoconsom and sell the surplus, or sell all the electricity produced by your solar installation?

Nowadays technical and financial solutions exist and make photovoltaic self-consumption possible and profitable. It all depends on the consumption profile and the building to equip.
Discover our solutions for photovoltaic self-consumption

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